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Barbara M. Simpson

Rockport, MA

Barbara Marshall Simpson was a “Cowgirl” and loved her experience of flying with the animals to Central America. She told those in her church, Rockpoint Congregational Church, Rockport, MA, that she traveled sitting on a milk crate. She often shared many more memories of her time as a Heifer Cowgirl.

Her adventuresome spirit in her seventies motivated her action. She grew up with very little, became a master wood worker and craftsperson. She felt very strongly about Heifer Project’s mission.

When she returned from a trip she would have a “moment of concern” in her church's worship service. She would be wearing a red plain shirt, buttoned up to the top, and a straw hat. But when she spoke she would proudly display her Heifer Project T-shirt worn underneath.

Barbara had a generous spirit which she shared with Heifer Foundation and friends alike. She has left a legacy supporting the Heifer Foundation Cowboy Endowment, in honor of the Heifer Cowboys and Cowgirls who first carried out the mission of Heifer International around the world.