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Julie Caster

Freeport, NY

Julie Lynn Caster was born in Buffalo, New York, on December 15, 1975. Julie loved life. She enjoyed all that it had to offer. Julie grabbed hold of life, secure in her faith in God, and let life take her on a magnificent ride.

Always concerned about others, Julie often was the champion of the underdog. Throughout her life she sought to bring comfort to those who were less fortunate, always wanting to let them know that there was hope and that their lives had meaning.

After graduation from Allegheny College, Julie joined the Peace Corps, traveling to Burkina Faso, in West Africa. There she taught English in a remote rural village. Unfortunately, illness brought her home early, a fact she often regretted. Julie loved Africa and had hoped to return one day.

As she continued her life's journey, Julie became involved in working with youth, at churches in Pennsylvania and New York. When Julie realized God was calling her to teach and work with teens, she began her quest for her Master of Arts in teaching, specializing in secondary English. Julie received her M.A. at Stony Brook University in December, 2002. Julie taught at Uniondale High School during spring, 2003. In September, 2003 Julie began working as a Language Arts Teacher at Philippa Schuyler Middle School in Brooklyn, NY.

Julies sudden death at age 27 left those who knew and loved her in a state of shock and hurt. Yet we are all grateful for her life, for the many lives she impacted and inspired. It is in this spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude to God that the Julie Caster Memorial Fund has been established with Heifer Foundation to support its ongoing work in Burkina Faso.