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Joan Green Brandt

Little Rock, AR

JOAN GREEN BRANDT, age 50, of Little Rock, passed away on January 2, 2001. Joan was the daughter of the late Doyle and Dorothy Green. The light of her life was her son Wilson David Brandt. She also cared deeply about her brother and sister-in-law, John H. and Cecille Green of Monticello, Arkansas and two nephews, John S. and James D. Green, as well as many friends and acquaintances. Her desire to serve was evident to all through her example.

After her career in education in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area and the passing of her first husband, Wilson Brandt, Joan moved to New York City where she met and married producer Joe Cates of New York City. A lifelong New Yorker, Joe was a Broadway producer and television pioneer. Joe and Joan loved the Delta of Arkansas and had both professional and personal connections to this area of the state. Together they opened a new theater in Arkansas and were excited about this aspect of their life.

After Joe’s death, Joan's life interests changed to philanthropic endeavors. She was involved as a volunteer and donor with Heifer Project International for more than a decade. Joan played a key role in planning Heifer’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Joan’s enthusiasm for the work of Heifer Project International introduced new people to Heifer both in Arkansas and New York. She visited Heifer Project International’s programs in Ecuador in 1997 and recommitted herself to the organization.

Joan was raised in the Arkansas Delta and had a strong interest in seeing Heifer’s programs develop. In 1997, Joan established the Joan Brandt Arkansas Delta Endowment at Heifer Foundation. Through this endowment, her desire to assist the Delta programs of Heifer in her beloved Arkansas will be supported in perpetuity.

Joan served as a member of the Heifer Foundation Board of Trustees from 1999 until her death in January 2001. She was a valuable member of this board. Joan also served as a member of the Arkansas Arts Council.

Joan’s legacy will live on through healthier and happier families in the Arkansas Delta who otherwise would only have inherited hunger and poverty. Families will be assisted in perpetuity through the Joan Brandt Arkansas Delta Endowment.