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Jack Bolling

San Francisco, CA

Jack Bolling was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the second of three brothers. He spent most of his youth in Fishersville were he was raised by his grandmother.

Mr. Bolling moved to California in 1945. He was married in 1945 and had a long and happy marriage. He was the loving father of three wonderful children.

He worked in the scaffolding industry for many years, becoming the owner of a scaffolding company and a material hoist company which were his great love and passion.

Jack Bolling was know for his honesty, friendliness, and great desire and will to help others.

A memorial was established in 2000 with Heifer International Foundation with a gift from his wife Jessie Bolling of San Francisco, California in honor of her beloved husband. Every year, income from the Jack Bolling Memorial will be used by Heifer International to help families produce food and income for themselves.