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Gloria A. Boward

Orlando, FL

Gloria Boward was born in West Virginia on April 3, 1937. She was a multi-faceted person, a woman with poise and grace. After graduation rom college, she moved to Central Florida area where she performed secretarial duties for NASA, the Presbyterian Church and the Orange County Agricultural Center. Her adventurous spirit led her to serve for three years in the Peace Corp in Micronesia.

She simultaneously loved music and the arts while embracing God’s creatures in nature. She sang in church choirs, attended operas and symphonies and was a member and officer of Florida Trails organization. As a part of that group, she enjoyed blazing new trails and maintaining existing paths through the woods as well as the camaraderie around campfires during overnight events. Bird watching with friends an outings was a special joy.

After retirement she developed Parkinson’s disease, which limited her activities but not her spirit. She accepted the condition with a strong religious faith and endured well.

She died peacefully on December 6, 2009. She is survived by many good friends. Every year, funds from the Gloria A. Boward Memorial Endowment will be made available to Heifer International for the support of their projects and work around the globe. In this way, her gift will continue to assist families and communities in need for generations to come.