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Sara Bennett

Fort Wayne, IN

With ways all her own, it was the heart of Sara Bennett that lovingly held her family close. Through unyielding faith, she was a woman who knew the value of hard work and the meaning of giving without expecting anything in return. Sara’s loving compassion and nurturing example touched the hearts of many. For these things and so much more, she will be remembered fondly.

Born to parents who immigrated from Italy for the promise of better tomorrows, Maria was raised in the boroughs of New York alongside her sisters Toni, Margie, Gloria, and Cecile. Sara’s childhood days were spent enjoying the friendships of many, playing street games, and spending time with her family. She attended New York City public schools and graduated from high school with the Class of 1947. 

As a young adult, Sara worked as an usherette at one of the local movie theaters. However, she held strong to her aspirations of becoming a nurse, and after completing her nurse’s training at St. Michael’s Hospital in 1951, her dream was soon realized.

Upon graduation she went on to proudly serve her country in the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant Nurse USAR. Sara loved her nursing career while serving in the Army. As fate would have it, it was also the place where she came to know her one true love, Corporal Richard Bennett USAR.

Though frowned upon because she was a higher ranking officer, they were quite smitten and began dating. After completing their services to the Army, they were happily married in Dick's hometown of Cleveland, OH on September 1, 1956.

The newlyweds lived in Bay Village, OH where they adopted their daughter, Nancy, in 1963 followed by son, Robert "Bob" in 1963 and son, William "Bill" in 1967. 

Soon Sara and Richard decided to start a small farm, and found an old "fixer upper" farm house just outside the area of Medina, Ohio. This run down abandoned farm house over the years would be the corner stone of the family. In time Dick and Sara got the house fixed back to its turn-of-the-century charm, and Sara filled the home with her antiques. A menagerie of cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, barn cats, and dogs kept them plenty busy. Sara actually loved helping on the farm, yet nothing compared to her love for caring for her family. Raising the children with all the challenges of sports, FFA, Scotts, 4-H, and band practices kept her busy all the time. Keeping things going and the family fed is where her true passion for the love of cooking came, by preparing meals for her family. She counted cooking as her greatest hobby in addition to collecting antiques to fill the home, gardening, and farm work. The children grew, went off to school and started lives of their own.

Following work and then retirement, Dick and Sara established two more farms in Illinois and South Carolina, respectively before moving to The Hearth of Sycamore Villager just west of Fort Wayne, Indiana to be closer to family, especially grandchildren.

Sara passed away on August 14, 2016 in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the age of 87. She is survived by her sons, three sisters, six grandchildren, and one great-grandson.