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Annis Bassler

Huntsville, AL

Annis Bassler was raised on a farm in Illinois, and in the Methodist Church ways. She taught in rural Illinois elementary schools for several years, while getting her Bachelor's Degree at Monmouth College.

Mrs. Bassler completed a Master's Degree at the College of the Pacific. She devoted her life to teach the message of Jesus. Annis' faith and hope in the power and mission of organized women in the Christian Church remained a strong incentive throughout her life.

Mrs. Bassler served as a Sunday school teacher, an officer of the United Methodist Women and of Church Women United. She was also a leader of mission studies during three decades of her life, while also busy rearing her family. She enjoyed sharing the products of her kitchen work.

Annis Bassler was such a giving person that she gave away most of her financial assets to good causes. During most of her life she was preparing her spirit for both life and death.

Mrs. Annis Bassler passed away on November 9, 2000.