Dr. Marion Hammarlund

Heifer Foundation is pleased to announce its 2005 Dan West Fellow Award winner, Dr. Marion Hammarlund of Riverside, Calif.  In Dr. Hammerlund’s honor, $1,000 will be added to the Foundation’s Dan West Education Endowment, a portion of which is made available each year to Heifer International for use in educating the public about the root causes of hunger and poverty. 

“I’m very much a cheerleader for Heifer,” says Dr. Hammarlund, a veterinarian, who first became involved with Heifer in the late ‘70s, when asked to help with a shipment of goats to the Philippines.  After that trip, Dr. Hammarlund started attending regional meetings and helped out wherever needed, including visiting Heifer International projects in Bolivia and Mexico.  He served from 1988 to 1995 as the Southwest District representative on the Heifer International Board of Directors and served as one of the original Trustees of Heifer Foundation.  He still works as a volunteer in numerous areas—on a recent weekend, he set up and manned a booth at a Sunday School convention!

Dr. Hammarlund’s love for Heifer reaches beyond the organization.  He is the founder of the Dan West Fund at Manchester College; was very instrumental in Beatrice’s scholarship offer from Western University; and has been a valuable part of our history and the success of both organizations.

A native of Kansas, Dr. Hammarlund graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary.  He worked as an Assistant Veterinary Pathologist in charge of a diagnostic laboratory at Colorado State University, while completing graduate study in animal pathology with special emphasis on a vaccine to prevent abortion in sheep. For ten years, from 1957-1966, Dr. Hammarlund worked for Ralston Purina Company, St. Louis, Missouri, as a veterinary pathologist in clinical research and in 1966 moved to Riverside, California, as a disease management consultant to Arlington Veterinary Laboratories. He co-authored the book, Raising Healthy Poultry Under Primitive Conditions.

From 1973-1984, Dr. Hammarlund was owner and operator of the Arlington Animal Hospital, and worked primarily with pets, goats and poultry.

We are indebted to Dr. Hammarlund for his contributions to Heifer International and Heifer Foundation and are pleased to honor him in this significant manner.