Whenever Marvel Lund sends a card or letter, she always signs her name with a heart. This isn't so unusual for someone who puts her heart in everything she does. Marvel not only has heart, she also has energy and enthusiasm for helping others that marks her as one of Heifer's greatest allies. 

Marvel Lund

Marvel served on the Foundation's Board of Trustees for six years and is a member of the Sacramento Heifer Committee. Marvel's husband, Hal, owner of his own automotive business and Indianapolis 500 mechanic, was one of the Heifer cowboys who delivered livestock by boat to various countries. He also participated in the last shipment of heifers to Korea. 

The Lunds have always been a great resource for new ideas to raise awareness and support for Heifer. Having been a long-time member of the Ben Ali Shriner's Temple, Hal was a contributor to the Shriner's One Hundred Million Dollar Club, which funds the many Shriner children's hospitals. The idea behind such a club is that anyone can join at any giving level to build the funds to $100,000,000. Hal and Marvel decided that Heifer Foundation would benefit from a similar program to increase its endowment, which undergirds the work of Heifer International. As Marvel likes to say, "A little added to a little makes a lot."

Heifer Foundation's Board of Trustees recently set a goal to increase the total Foundation assets to $100 million by 2010. As a tribute to Hal Lund, who passed away in 1995, Heifer Foundation has introduced its own One Hundred Million Dollar Club. The club was officially launched last November with a generous gift from Marvel Lund. She and Heifer Foundation hope that, not only will the club be a means to reach the 2010 goal of $100 million, but it will also enable everyone to help in the fight to end hunger and poverty worldwide. Marvel is very active in recruiting new members for, and honoring friends and acquaintances with membership in to the club. With supporters like Marvel, the Foundation will reach, and hopefully exceed, its 2010 goal. In just more than a year, this club has grown over 1,000+ members and totals almost $700,000. Thank you Marvel for all you have done and your continued love and support!

In honor of Marvel, $1,000 will be added to the Dan West Education Endowment, which is used to educate the public about the root causes of hunger and poverty. It was my honor to present Marvel with a special plaque at the January 20 meeting of the Trustee Emeriti Meeting in Sacramento. Her name will be placed on the Dan West Fellow Roster displayed at Heifer Foundation headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. To be named a Dan West Fellow is to be recognized for contributing to a better world through humanitarian efforts.