Dear Friends,

As we leap into the summer months, I want to take a moment to update you on Heifer International’s work in Nepal.

Earthquake relief efforts in Nepal are now focused on rehabilitation projects that will ensure Heifer participants are in more stable shelters where they can securely store belonging, including grains and other foodstuffs, and also escape the heavy monsoon rains. 

And the need is urgent. 

Last week, Heifer Nepal's Country Director, Shubh Mahtato, said a huge landslide had blocked the Kali Gandaki river, which posed a threat of flooding to eight districts, six of which include Heifer project work.  

"Though the potential risk has been minimized, the threat of landslide remains along the fragile mountains. We do anticipate a difficult monsoon this year and the public warned to be alert," Mahato said.

Please join me in remembering these families during their time of rebuilding and need. I’m reminded of my last trip to Nepal in 2013 as I read the updates on Heifer’s website. I met dozens of hardworking families dedicated to improving their lives. They share the same global challenges that so many of the areas we work in struggle with- educating women, combating hunger and fighting poverty. These next few months will be especially challenging with monsoon season approaching.

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place,