What We Do

Building A Sustainable Future—For You & A World In Need
Heifer Foundation has the privilege of helping our donors help themselves and provide for a world in great need. Heifer Foundation is an organization that builds a bridge connecting the donor’s financial, family and social legacies. The Foundation provides people a variety of planned charitable giving instruments, such as trusts, annuities and bequests. The exciting part is that through these instruments we can help you provide for yourself, your loved ones, and the causes that matter most to you. We work closely with you and your trusted advisors to help you discern which instruments are best suited for your particular situation.

Heifer Foundation then manages, with professional assistance, the funds entrusted to us, growing a base of permanent financial support for the mission of helping needy people around the world become self-reliant through sustainable means. Each year, a percentage of the Foundation’s endowment is made available to where the funds are most needed or to the specific hunger and poverty areas, such as countries and initiatives, the donor has selected. We help the donor reach their financial, estate and charitable goals while simultaneously helping alleviate the global burden of hunger and poverty.

What Do You Want to Pass On?
Heifer Foundation is guided by the simple belief that those who have been blessed financially should, in turn, pass on a blessing by sharing their wealth with others who are less fortunate. We believe that how and with whom we choose to entrust our wealth says a lot about the people we are. By taking time to carefully plan what we do with our material wealth, we pass along the values that have guided our lives. When you invest in Heifer Foundation, you do your part to help a world in need and, at the same time, leave behind a legacy of hope for future generations. It is Heifer Foundation’s desire to assist donors to lead an independent life until the end; leave a loving gift to their family of choice; and begin a sustainable circle that changes the lives of people suffering around the world.