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Larry & Jean: The Joy of Giving

For special occasions, they don't buy each other material items. They give each other goats, chickens, even water buffalo from the Heifer gift catalog. “We are Heifer Foundation donors," says Larry. "We have a trust, an endowment and Heifer is a beneficiary in our wills.”

A Lifetime of Being Frugal

I have always given money to several charities – all of whom I felt were very deserving. But, when I came across Heifer International a few years ago, I knew that this was the one I wanted to leave my money to.

Cynthia’s Hope for a Better Future

Cynthia, together with the other project members, is attending chicken management training organized by Heifer International South Africa (Heifer). For Cynthia, training is another step toward becoming a small successful farmer who no longer will have to suffer with food and income insecurity. But Ms. Khambule and her family...

Out of Extreme Poverty

The Martirosyan family, Hayk, 32, his wife Ani, 28, and their 4-month-old son Imberd, live in Shirakamut community of Armenia’s Shirak region. Hayk and Ani, married for two years, named Imberd after Hayk’s father. The family lives in Hayk’s uncle’s house because they don’t have their own.

Heifer is Empowering Women in India

Amka Village is one village where Heifer’s Adharshila-Empowering Women through Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Livelihoods and Community Action project is being implemented. Through this project, 250 original families are benefiting, and another 500 Passing on the Gift (POG) families will benefit by the end of the project.