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Donor Spotlight: Mark and Hazel Nestleroth

Meet Mark and Hazel Nestleroth of Manheim, Pennsylvania. They love serving guests at their bed and breakfast, and know what it's like growing up on a farm. They also share a very special connection to Heifer. Find out why they decided to leave a legacy with Heifer.

Heifer Foundation Goes to Guatemala

Foundation trustees and staff recently visited Heifer families in Guatemala whose livelihoods have been affected by climate change. View this video to hear Heifer Foundation President Ardyth Neill explain how Heifer is helping Guatemalan farmers work together to find solutions.

Golden Talent Award Winner: Flora Moonga

As a Community Animal Health Worker, Flora has been assisting the Livestock Officers in her community with animal health care support such as deworming, vaccinations, spraying and giving advice on animal welfare. In addition, she has been helping the aged and the needy in her community by giving them...

Golden Talent Award Winner: Olado John

John is well known as good mobilizer, an advocate for the vulnerable households and children. He believes that the current situation in Eastern as a result of the continuous domestic violence against women has greatly affected mostly women and children since most of them are left to head the...