James Howell: Community Leader

As a member of the Church of the Crossroads and a local community action group, Jim has worked tirelessly on many different projects. He has a charitable remainder annuity trust set up with the Foundation and is most impressed with the Foundation's commitment to educating donors about the different...

Larry & Jean: The Joy of Giving

For special occasions, they don't buy each other material items. They give each other goats, chickens, even water buffalo from the Heifer gift catalog. “We are Heifer Foundation donors," says Larry. "We have a trust, an endowment and Heifer is a beneficiary in our wills.”

A Lifetime of Being Frugal

I have always given money to several charities – all of whom I felt were very deserving. But, when I came across Heifer International a few years ago, I knew that this was the one I wanted to leave my money to.