Date and Place of Birth: Hazel’s birthday is June 14, and Mark was born April 27. Both of us were born on family farms in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the same year Heifer was born: 1944!

Our Family: Mark is the older of two children and Hazel is the middle of three. We have five daughters, five sons-in-law and eight grandchildren.   

Our Favorite Retreat Spot: We love Camp Nawakwa, a Lutheran Church camp in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania. Starting in 1983, our family spent a week there every summer, and our children continue to attend the Family Camp program.

We’re Really Good At: Hospitality. Now in our retirement, we run Airy Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast and entertain families from all over the world.

Something We Can Improve On: We both tend to be procrastinators and do many things last minute.

Our Favorite Sounds: The noise of family gatherings when all 20 of us are gathered, and the sounds of nature on our 20-acre farm.

We Won’t Eat: Liver. We have never made it and don’t intend to start now!

Not a cup, but a cow
Hazel and Mark both share a birthday year with Heifer International!

Our Favorite Books: Mark reads constantly, mostly articles on agriculture and sports. Depending on what she’s in the mood for, Hazel reads all kinds of genres.

A Change We’ve Noticed in Ourselves Since We Were Younger: Since we opened our bed and breakfast in 2009, we have learned to appreciate the beauty of our property. We see it through the eyes of guests staying with us, while understanding and accepting the differences in their cultures.

One Word to Describe Us: Hardworking, like the Lancaster County tradition of many people who grew up here.

What We Hope Other Say About Us After We’ve Passed: “They were compassionate and cared for others.”

Why We’re Leaving a Legacy with Heifer: As we faced some difficult times over the years, it has helped us to understand the needs of all of God’s children. We are blessed to have the resources to give back to an organization that assists others in helping themselves.