Named and Memorial Endowments


For a gift of $25,000 or more, an endowment named in memory or honor of your loved one will be established within Heifer Foundation.

Named Endowment

Heifer Foundation named endowments are a good way to eternalize a legacy of values. Many families have chosen to establish endowments to honor traditions, or to make a statement for future generations about the things that hold great importance in their lives and in those of their loved ones.

Some donors have established endowments to mark achievements, or in appreciation of friends, relatives, colleagues or community leaders. Named endowments provide an endless gift to the work of Heifer International, while saying an infinite "Thank You" to those whose lives have made a lasting impression on the donor.

Memorial Endowment

To remember someone special, you may have little to draw on besides your own recollections and a treasury of photos, writings and heirlooms. That changes when you establish a memorial endowment.

A memorial endowment fund at Heifer Foundation is a wonderful way to create an ongoing legacy. The endowment serves not only as a perennial source of income to Heifer, but also as a continuing reminder of the values by which your loved one lived.

The Foundation maintains a permanent Book of Remembrance featuring a photo and biographical information about each person for whom an endowment is named. The album can be viewed here online.

A Gift for All Times

Named and memorial endowments provide a better future for families in need. Every year, income from endowments will be used by Heifer International to help families produce food and income for themselves.


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