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We are committed to working with you to ensure that your clients identify a charitable arrangement that meets both their philanthropic and financial needs.  We urge our donors to consult professional advisors, both legal and financial, before making a planned gift to ensure it meets their overall financial goals.  Together we can arrange a solution that provides your clients with financial resources, tax advantages, and philanthropic satisfaction all while helping to end hunger and poverty around the word.  Feel free to contact us for more information or assistance. 

Here are some options we offer your clients.

Life-Income Gifts: The Security of Income with The Satisfaction of Giving

Charitable Trusts

Heifer Advantage:  Low trustee fee of 1%; Income for life; Bypass or defer capital gains tax on appreciated assets - including real estate.

With gifts of $50,000 or more it is possible to establish a charitable trust, which allows your client input on the rate of income they wish to receive and to increase or decrease the income flow according to their needs, all within a tax-exempt structure. They will receive an immediate partial charitable deduction when they establish a charitable trust.

Charitable trusts, including remainder trusts, lead trusts and flip trusts, can be used to receive gifts of appreciated real estate. The trustee of the trust can sell the appreciated property without incurring capital gains tax to the donor at the time of the sale. This enables the trust to receive 100% of the market value, producing income for your client for as long as they live. Income may also be continued to heirs for a period of up to twenty years, or for life.

Charitable Annuities

Heifer Advantage:  No fee; Income for life; Bypass or defer capital gains tax.

With gifts of $10,000 or more, your client can establish a charitable gift annuity. Annuities may be funded with cash or securities, and capital gains tax may be bypassed or deferred. In exchange, we provide your client with fixed lifetime payments. Annuity rates are based on a person’s age and can pay up to 9.0%. Donors receive an immediate partial charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Donor Advised Funds: Flexibility and Family Values

Heifer Advantage:  Ability to accept complex and appreciated assets; Client control over investments and grant-giving; Values-based investments through social impact funds.  Heifer Foundation offers a unique opportunity for values-based investing including mission related investments, social equity funds, and donor-directed impact investing through our Donor Advised Funds.

A donor advised fund pro­vides a flexible way to make donations to charities and other non-profit organiza­tions. As a donor, your client makes an irrevocable nonrefundable contribution of cash or securities to the fund. They can then rec­ommend how grants are to be made from the account, including the organizations receiving the grants, the amount of the grants, and when the grants should be paid. Assets from a donor advised fund are managed by Heifer Foundation’s professional investment advisory firm.

Legacy Gifts

A last will and testament can be used to provide financially for your clients’ family and friends after their lifetimes, but is also an excellent way to support the organizations whose work is important to them.  With a bequest to Heifer Foundation, your clients will have the satisfaction of knowing that their gift will benefit Heifer International tomorrow as they intended it to today.

Endowment Gifts

For gifts of $100,000 or more, a permanent endowment named for your client - or in honor of a loved one - can be established within Heifer Foundation.


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