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Take the 2020 Legacy Challenge

Secure Your Legacy Today. Change Lives Tomorrow.

2020 Legacy Challenge

Now you have an opportunity to make an even greater impact when you leave your legacy with Heifer. A generous donor has pledged to match 10% of all Heifer bequests while funding lasts. That means, when you make Heifer Foundation a beneficiary in your will, a gift will be made to Heifer International for immediate use, right now — with no additional out-of-pocket commitment on your part!

We want Heifer International to continue the task of ending hunger and poverty until we reach zero. Zero hunger. Zero poverty. To do this, we are calling on our most compassionate supporters to consider leaving a legacy gift to Heifer.

That means that you can protect your heirs from future taxes and do more to help us end hunger and poverty right now than you ever imagined. Your bequest:

  • Creates the opportunity to send a girl to school
  • Provides training for a family in the care of an animal
  • Ensures the dignity a family experiences once they’re self-sufficient.

During the next four years, Heifer is committed to helping four million families achieve living incomes by 2020. With your help, families can feed themselves daily; educate their children and have proper housing, water, hygiene and other essential resources.

Creating your Heifer 2020 Legacy through a bequest is easy.

  • Plan your Heifer Legacy. Name Heifer in your Will or as a beneficiary of an asset.
  • Decide on your amount. A bequest can be a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate.
  • Share your good news with us and your attorney. Complete the Heifer 2020 Legacy Notification Form and return it to us. Let your attorney know of your intent and feel free to use the language provided in the brochure.
  • Heifer receives 10% of your legacy commitment right now!

Leave Your Legacy Today

Heifer Foundation and Heifer International are proud to announce the Heifer 2020 Legacy Challenge. This dynamic opportunity is being funded by a very generous donor. For every bequest notification we receive, up to 10% of your notification amount is matched for Heifer’s immediate use.

A legacy gift is not a donation. It’s an investment in lifting struggling families out of hunger and poverty. In fact, a charitable bequest to Heifer could be the most important charitable gift you’ll ever make. It’s your lasting legacy to ensure that Heifer's work continues beyond your lifetime. Even a portion of a typical estate is very meaningful to the families we serve.

Providing a legacy gift through Heifer International and Heifer Foundation will give you peace of mind, knowing that your support of Heifer’s work to end hunger and poverty will transcend your lifetime. You remain in control of the funds during your lifetime, and your estate will receive a tax deduction for the gift.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your estate plans and establishing your special legacy, now is the time to act. With the power of the 2020 Legacy Challenge matching gift, your decision to lay a foundation of generosity today helps us ensure prospertity for generations tomorrow. Secure your legacy by filling out this form. For information call 501.907.4900.